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running version 5.06 DAIRGram 2019_0317_1637

files and downloads available

05_06_DAIRGramPatches.zip2019 Feb 04run time applied. automatic
05_06_DAIRGram.zip2019 Jan 2681 mb
04_03_Perserv.zip2018 Oct 2545 mb
Feb 1, 2019 
Download, as highlighted above. The corresponding
patches file is auto-downloaded and applied after the Identity and 
LabShare folders and other files are extracted and run per extracted

Today, a 05_06 updater bug which prevents downloaded files from being
updated is fixed pending 05_07 release. If you download and install 
05_06, please check back every few weeks or so to see when 05_07 is 
release and then update manually. This bug does not affect uncompressed
flash file distributions. 

You can also patch this manually by changing the line

    time_delt = fd_secs-lcl_secs

in svc_upgrade to

    time_delt = abs(fd_secs-lcl_secs)