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The Fsync menu has a single link: FSync_depot. FSync_depot allows you to syncronize a local/remote directory tree with another local/remote tree either 2-way or 1-way in either direction. The root of all directories is "web". In the next panel, we explore "web" by clicking on "" at far right of "web".

(1) shows the interface as a result of exploring "web" while (2)-(3) show further exploring a Windows machine and (4) a MacOSX machine.

On Windows, the root of the file system is each of the drives lettered A ... Z. On MacOSX, the root is "/" and the attached drives are at /Volumes.

Here we have source and destination paths set up and do a 2-way comparison across directories and subdirectories. Most of the comparisons result in equality.

Here we have unchecked "equal" and "directories" checkboxes and clicked "update". We see a much more compact listing of differences only. There are only 4 files which differ. And the arrows show the direction of transfer. We can click "Execute" to make the changes. Further control can be had by reversing direction/hiding and clicking up date. There are also 1-way comparisons as opposed to the 2-way illustrated.